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Beginnings of a Journey

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

One Gift, One Child was birthed over a period of 10 years before it was launched full time in 2015 in the country of Haiti.

Stepping out of the boat and in to the water

Birth of One Gift, One Child

The founders of One Gift, One Child came together with a dynamic friendship in 2005. In August of 2007, they were joined together through marriage, vision and passion for the island of Haiti. Pierre is a native Haitian who grew up in St. Marc. Life was never easy but there was strong evidence of the Lord having His Hand upon Pierre as he grew up with strong education. He knew he was called to his home country and therefore pursued missions opportunities in his hometown. Natalie grew up in cold southern Wisconsin and barely even knew where Haiti was on the map. But having opportunities to travel from a young child, instilled a desire to experience life outside of her small town.

One Gift, One Child came together in the first ten years of their relationship and then marriage. Natalie knew that she was called to orphans and Pierre Richard knew that he was called to discipleship, pastors and the youth. They lived together in The States so that they could finish their college degrees and also gain ministry experience before launching their own ministry. Many trips were taken down to Haiti every year and through those trips, it was where each piece of the puzzle began to come together. The strong burden for children left in orphanages became heavier with every trip taken. It was easy to go down and give gifts to children for Christmas but who was loving these children when we left? They realized quickly that there was sexual and physical abuse, as well as severe neglect, in all the orphanages they were visiting. After the 2010 earthquake, there were many more orphanages that sprung up all over the country. There was a mutual agreement that God was calling the two of them to partner with these orphanages once they moved back to Haiti in 2015. Who was going to make sure these children were eating and not dying of malnutrition due to severe neglect? Team after team would fly in and come with their SLR cameras to photo these children. They would come with bags of rice and beans oil or sometimes, even mattresses. But as soon as those teams would leave, it was then you would see the orphanage go back to their normal hell.

So it was there there One Gift, One Child began to protect children while they were still in their abuse. The police were paid off in the area to look the other way. Hospitals were paid to protect against the pregnant teen girls who could not be recorded as pregnant or they could be reported and shut down. Even the local judges of the city were paid off to favor in the side of the orphanage. Many things were learned during this season and yet the 56 children who were in this place, shared pee smelling rooms and bed without mattresses. Often 3-5 children to a bed (or a board) and abuse was rampant from child to child and leader to child. When the founders stepped away from these orphanages, it was only to PREPARE a place for them. It is now, in 2019, that that place is completed and almost ready to rescue up to 60 children at a time. 80% of children in orphanages actually have at least one, if not two, living parents. Poverty is not a reason that children should be given up and subjected to a life without attachment and love. So it is now, that this center is prepared to open. With a strong vision of counseling and therapy given to each child, it is One Gift, One Child's heart to see children become WHOLE through the Healing Power of Jesus Christ and given the chance to grow up in FAMILY.

We are called to LOVE and PROTECT those that do not have a voice. The rescue center is just one area of One Gift, One Child that is prepared to protect children and rescue them out of their nightmare. To learn about the other areas of ministry (EXPERIENCE Ministries, Zion House and Jerry House Ministries) please explore the rest of our website or email

"He sets the lonely in to families."

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