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prevent orphans.

One Gift, One Child exists to love every child the way God, the Father, sees them.

They provide a safe place for vulnerable children to come and receive healing through love, nurture, discipleship and counseling all while fighting to stay in a family unit.  One Gift, One Child seeks to show value to those who are abused, neglected, thrown away and looked down upon by the Haitian culture.   

This has many aspects but the main goal is to provide every child a safe environment where they are protected from abuse, trafficking and slavery.


If a child cannot be reunited with their family, then a Haitian foster family will be raised up in order to ensure children are in a loving home versus an institution.  We work to prevent orphans by empowering families to keep their children or take back their children they have given away.

We KNOW and BELIEVE that God has a plan to REDEEM every family in Haiti. God values every, single child and there is never one that is too lost for God to find. 


Areas of Ministry
Rescue Ministries

Our vision started with rescuing abandoned nonverbal children who had no chance of reuniting with a family member.  We also have girls who have been abused and/or trafficked mostly in the corrupt orphanage system in Haiti. 

In this, we created three foster homes and a fourth boys home. We had Jerry House, Jackson House, Zion House and will be in need of two more homes when we restart the foster program again. 

  We have had to currently shut these down in order to manage better security and cut down on costs. Haiti is going through an economical and political crisis and gangs are taking over the country.  

We are looking to buy a minimum of 20-30 acres to build permanent homes for our children in our care AND staff homes that have children with special needs.  

A special needs village focused around disabilities and handicapped accessible places will allow for many children to integrate and have the freedom of life they do not have in the impoverished communities with a dirt floor or mud walls.  

Our goal is a family for every child in our care!  


Jerry House Ministry 
One Gift Academy

Our special needs classroom serves 22 children that have either never gone to school or have gone to school and are being bullied and singled out because of their disability.   

Children receive a daily meal (sometimes 2) and receive physical and occupational therapy type play.  We provide medical care by partnering with doctors in Haiti and the States as well as help provide seizure medications that are difficult to find in Haiti.  We work to find a wheelchair that will fit each disability and empower the parents to care for their children with special needs.  We have an outreach program as well reaches even more families who cannot get to us daily.  Our hope and goal is to REDEEM these children while staying in their family and offering hope and healing and love to the whole family unit.  Many families with a disability child will be singled out and targeted by other family members, significant others or their community.  This is a huge reason for abandoned special needs children in hospitals and corrupt orphanages.

By creating this school, we are bringing DIGNITY to a child and HOPE to a family while preventing poverty orphans.   We have many more families in our outreach program that cannot come daily and we are working to extend our programs to helping with physical needs for these families during this crisis in Haiti. 


Children's Ministry

Serving our community with a specialized children's ministry program every Friday afternoon.  We serve 300-400 children from our direct community and we work to keep them safe in their family environments by working with their parents.  We provide a meal every week and these children learn how to be a 'leader no matter their age while learning about the Gospel. 

Interested in sponsoring a family, staff member or one of our children?


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