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Where are we headed?

We are in the process of fundraising to purchase the current city center that serves as our children’s center and temporary orphanage housing.  This is where OGOC’s special needs school, physical therapy, counseling, community programs and full time children are currently living for security purposes.  


Our Story

We have also found 23 acres for sale and hope to purchase this land as well (in the very near future) in order to build permanent foster homes, staff housing and homes for families with special needs who have had to flee their homes from gang invasion and violence.  This would also allow us to grow our own food, raise our own animals and use equine/animal therapy and work programs as part of the rehabilitation program for physical therapy and traumatized children.  The city center will still function daily and be used as a special needs school, offices, physical therapy and community center. 

 A little slice of heaven in Haiti where there are gardens, cows, pigs, chickens and horses to provide equine therapy.  We envision paved streets and sidewalks for wheelchairs and permanent homes for foster families and staff whose children are handicapped.

Vision for the future

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